The Nature of Oyster Farming

As a new Lincoln Now article called "The Night Tides" conveys, oyster farming is a unique trade that comes with a particular set of challenges and perks. Brett Bishop of Little Skookum Shellfish Growers has to wake up in the wee hours o the mornings to take advantage of the low tide, but it's worth it to him because of the quality time he gets to spend in nature.

“When you arrive here," he says, referring to the bay, "you’ll notice a difference....From wherever you came, you’ll feel your heart slowing down, your mind absorbing more of the landscape. You just become more alive, more awake to the moment, senses tingling.” Sounds nice, right?

A nice drive through the countryside can afford you a similar feeling to the one Brett talks about. Come out to Pugmire Lincoln, Inc. at 1865 Cobb Parkway, S.E. in Marietta and pick out the perfect new Lincoln for the job.

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