If the Lincoln Lineup was a Basketball Lineup

As basketball teams are making roster decisions, we thought we'd explain why the Lincoln model lineup should be in your starting lineup in Marietta and Atlanta, GA.

  • Point Guard: Lincoln MKS. We need hustle and dependability. The Lincoln MKS' reliability and 305 horsepower V6 engine should do the job.
  • Shooting Guard: Lincoln MKZ. Always ready to hit the big shots throughout the game, the Lincoln MKZ's 33 mpg highway means it's in it for the long haul. And a heck of a defensive player with its 5 star safety rating.
  • Small Forward: Lincoln MKC. The Lincoln MKC is versatile, with its mix of size as a luxury compact SUV, speed with its Turbo I-4 2.0L engine, and stamina getting 29 mpg highway.
  • Power Forward: Lincoln MKX. It brings size (cargo volume of 68.8 cubic feet); it brings defense (5 star safety rating); it brings endurance (26 mpg highway). It's our Paul Millsap.
  • Center: Lincoln Navigator. The work horse with size, like Dwight Howard. The Lincoln Navigator is ready to overpower with its Twin Turbo V6 engine that puts out 380 horsepower. In addition, its tremendous reliability and safety ratings mean that it'll be our rock in the paint.

Like a true team, they've all got it where it counts: on the inside. The luxurious interiors and latest in entertainment technology make this lineup (*bad joke alert*) a slam dunk. So check them out for yourself. Browse our extensive inventory of new vehicles, and come on down to Pugmire Lincoln for a test drive!

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