Conventional or synthetic oil- does it really matter?

Inclinations may tell you natural motor oil is better than a synthetically made brand, however your first response could be wrong. Tests show chemically produced oil is cleaner than its petroleum based counterpart. A refined conventional oil is prone to sludge build-up causing more problems, while a synthetic has additives that actually work towards cleaning your vehicle's system.

To understand how synthetic oil works you need to know that, although it's listed as synthetic, its physical compounds are usually made of chemically modified petroleum components; although other raw materials can be used depending on the brand.

Synthetic oil is more expensive during servicing than its conventional counterpart, but the expense is an upfront cost that pays for itself with longer time lapses between oil changes. The choice is up to you as the consumer. Weigh the pros and cons of what's right in your case by visiting your service dealership.

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