What the Lincoln MKX Front Seats Say about the Whole SUV

There is a lot of information that can be inferred about the Lincoln MKX based on the front seats in this luxury crossover SUV. Adjustable front seats are found on just about any vehicle you look at. On the other hand, power front seats are more of a higher-end feature. And the more ways you can adjust the seats, the more customizable they are to your preferences for posture. Standard in the new Lincoln MKX are 10-way power front seats. Additionally, these seats have a lumbar support to reduce discomfort from improper back posture. Memory settings in the driver’s seat also enable you and up to two other drivers to program your individual preferences so that each time you drive the Lincoln MKX, you will be able to sit identically to the previous time, even if someone else has since adjusted the seat’s settings. So what does this feature tell us about the Lincoln MKX as a whole? Well, the answer is really more of a reflective question for you to consider. If Lincoln devotes such ingenuity and resources to making a seat comfortable for you, what do you think the engine, infotainment system, or safety features in the SUV will be like? Find out at Pugmire Lincoln today.

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